Sunday, May 19, 2013

Redbud, Apple Blossoms and Magnificent Lilacs

My Sunday walk through our property was a heady experience today.

I found several redbud trees that I didn't know I had.  Last spring a lot of buds got frost and there was no show.  But this year ...  

 The apple trees were in full bloom, and I loved walking below their blossom laden branches.

But my destination was beyond the ancient apple trees.  I wanted to visit my equally old lilac grove.

  I have really never seen such massive lilac trees in bloom before,

and to be standing among them inhaling their perfume, knowing that the Lord had planned this place for me, it was awesome.

Monday, February 4, 2013

A beautiful winter day

I was outside all day enjoying the fresh air while doing chores and shoveling snow.

  But then I just had to take a walk around the pond to see how things  looked in the snow and sunshine.

I love spring best but God created beauty for every season.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Planning with former garden pics

My files of garden photos come in so handy in winter.  I can tell at a glance what flowers bloom at what time of the year, and what blooms with what.  I wasn't sure what would bloom at the same time as the bridal wreath I planted beside the driveway here. But these photos give me a good idea.

Normally I would look through my photos and see what worked and what part of the garden should be changed.
This year everything is going to be new, other than the plants that I brought from the last garden.  But it still helps to look back.

Last year I started my vegetable garden out in the field and I actually missed having to tuck some of my veggies in among the flowers.  If you look at the picture above you should spot romaine lettuce, purple cabbage, and thyme growing with the flowers and adding to the cottage garden style.  I plan to continue that practice even though I now have ten acres to play with.

But the extra space means that I can now grow some fast spreading ground hoggers, like sweet woodruff, that I used to love, but gave up on.

It's great to plan, but when spring comes, I wonder if I will have any time to garden, after keeping the animals looked after and going to at least three markets a week with our coconut oil.

I'm sure I will find time, because my soul needs working in the garden just like my husband's brain needs coconut oil.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Is Pond Weed Good for the Garden?

When we first came and viewed this property the pond was low and there was a white lacy looking substance on the ground around it.  I realized later that this was dried pond weed, and I wondered if it had any use.

Whenever the grandkids came over for a swim they had fun with all the tangled green stuff.  I got them and their dog to drag some of it to shore, and between us all, we left a small pile to dry in the sun.

Then I forgot about it.  Until today.

I was down at the pond checking the level, when I noticed a spot where the grasses were still green, and flourishing. 
The rest of the pond grasses were pitiful by comparison.  And right at the foot of the super grass was our pile of pond weed.

 I guess I'll be harvesting pond weed next year to use as mulch.

If anyone has experience with this stuff I would love to hear about it.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

My flowers are coming back to me

I was blessed to be able to take out some of my plants from my former garden, (see "Another treat" for the story) and now I have the pleasant task of deciding what to do with them.  Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of spending a winter dreaming of where they will go.  They are sitting along the edge of my front garden plot shivering in the chilly Canadian climate.

 I have a lot of the ground-covers that I  love, and I will be able to get more in spring.

The yellow day lilies will fit in well,

and so will all the irises.

But how do I make all those decisions in just a few short hours!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Empty Canvas

There's been very little time for landscape gardening this year, and my canvas was still under construction, but now we are almost at the stage where I can start thinking about trees and shrubs and perennials again.

I hope to draw from my daughters' gardens, just as they drew from mine when they started theirs.

I also brought a few divisions of my favorites from my last garden and stuck them in a row in my vegetable garden.

I also plan on using some of the shrubs and trees that are growing wild throughout the property.

The fun will be planning.  But oh what a lot of work to put it all together!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

No regrets

I find it amazing that when the time comes to leave my garden that has been my pride and joy for a time, I have no regrets.  I am happy to get on with the next project.

 I do look at certain plants like my pair of clematises and wonder why they give their best display when I am on the point of saying good bye.

But then I look at my wide open land and the beautiful topsoil and I get all excited.

 It's a new beginning, and I love it.