Monday, February 21, 2011

Planning Changes in the Garden

February is my favorite garden planning season.  I go through my photos and check the different seasons for gaps in the floral display.  What will bloom during that specific time that will enhance the whole feel of the cottage garden?

Is there a wee bit of available ground where I could add a new perennial?

The pot of flowers looked good on the garden hose box; I'll have to do that again but planted with something pink this time.
I wonder why the delphiniums were so pale compared to these old fashioned ones I had at the last place.  Can I find some of those deeper blue delphs this year?  Putting the two together would be sharp.

It looks like the delphiniums bloom at the same time as the pink rambling rose I used to have (in the background).  My daughter kept a slip of that and now has some new plants from it.  I could take one if I could just find a spot for it, but I would have to be careful not to let it get out of hand; those thorns are treacherous.

It might work on the other side by the front walk.  There were quite a few annuals there and even some onions on the other side of the path.  I did plant some roses along there so the rambler might fit in quite well as long as I could keep it from reaching out and grabbing someone on their way to the front door.

The other thing I need to do is to decide if some of the perennials need to be moved in spring. 

Were some of the colchicum (autumn crocuses) too crowded to peek out from the thick vegetation?

All these are fun questions to think about and work with when the bitter winds are blowing outside, and the garden is covered with all that white stuff.

March is only a week away though, and that means spring is just around the corner.  The dreaming, planning time will not last for long.  So get out the pictures, or flip through mine and enjoy yourself.


  1. Dear Carol, I absolutely agree that February is the perect time for reviewing the garden's performance and planning the year ahead. Of course, failures will become successes and all will be weed free......or so one can dream!

    The photographs of your garden in summer look very pretty and I am sure that the 2011 gardening season will be better yet!

    I am so pleased to note that you have recently joined Blotanical and have made your weblog a Favourite so that I can follow your progress more closely.

  2. Hi Carol, You have a lovely garden. Every year I mean to take pictures of my flower beds, so I can plan out my plant chess moves, but I always forget. Then in spring I find myself standing in the garden trying to remember what needed to go where. Jennifer

  3. What a beautiful garden you have, Carol. I enjoyed looking through your pictures so much. Roses and spiky delphiniums look so wonderful together. Like you, I often go through my garden trying to find a bit of room to fit something else there. My borders look like an overgrown jungle by the end of summer!

  4. I am going through all the pictures of my garden, planning changes for spring as well. YOur garden is lovely. I love the rose that is in the same photo as the pale blue delphs, great colour.
    Welcome to Blotanical.

  5. Love your garden photographs! I wish I could do some planning when I look at my garden pictures. Usually, I get carried away and forget why I started looking through my photo files.

  6. Such a gorgeous well-planned garden you have and those beautiful blue, purples and pink blooms made me so envious of your climate!

  7. Carol, I just want to spend a day gazing at your beautiful garden. Perhaps we could have some tea on a warm spring day.

    So very beautiful.

  8. Carol, Your pictures are wonderful. Throughout the Winter I have been posting photos of both the past Summer flowers like you have hare, and some Winter pictures. I like the contrast of seasons. Here at Lake Michigan it takes a while before I can get out into the dirt again so the blogging has been a great way to "garden" while waiting for Spring. Hope to visit your site again. Check me out to see life here at the lake. Jack

  9. Thank you all for your lovely comments. I just realized that I was not being notified when I had comments so I just found them. I will be changing the setting so I will know from now on.
    If I haven't done so yet I will make a point of coming to visit your blogs this week.

  10. I was delighted to find your blog on Blotanical. Your photos are beautiful! What zone are you in? I'm in 4a in Ontario.

    Happy gardening.

  11. Diane, I missed your comment until today. We are in zone 4b or maybe in parts of Owen Sound we get up to Zone 5