Monday, June 20, 2011

Kilbourne Grove - How it must feel to be Away

I visited Kilbourne Grove again today.  I do it because I remember the agony of missing my ever changing garden while I was up north beyond where the roads go.  I needed to see pictures of my garden in bloom.  I'm guessing, so does Deborah.

Her peonies were gorgeous.

If these were in your garden wouldn't it be awful to be away, even if you were spending your summer in a  tropical paradise?

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  1. What gorgeous photos. Deborah will be so thrilled to see how beautiful everything is.

  2. Carol, what a welcome treat to wake up to this morning, I have been hoping that you would be visiting again soon. Peonies are one of my favourite flowers, my grandmother would tie one on my birthday gift every year. Glad to see them doing so well.

  3. Carol,
    The peony are beautiful. My second type is just starting to bloom today and with all the rain expected this afternoon, who knows what they will look like tomorrow! Is that dark leaf plant on the left (in the third photo) a Sambucus Black Lace? Looks like the one I have in the gardens here. Jack

  4. How fabulous of you to provide Deborah (and us!) with a glimpse of her lovely garden in her absence. I'm so glad you shared, it would have been a shame to miss those gorgeous peonies!

  5. It's definitely not a chore to go and take pictures at Kilbourne Grove! More like the privilege of a free garden tour whenever I want.

    I get to go and drool.